How to Live Happy and content!

23 Feb 2011

Most people if given the choice would love to live a worry-free life — but believe it’s unrealistic in today’s world.  Most would say there’s just too much to be concerned about —  too much uncertainty about the future and what it holds, to be able to live worry-free.

So, based on that thinking…. is it possible to have peace in an uncertain world?   How does one, in spite of what is going on around us, live with peace instead of anxiety?  The future is sure to get more uncertain and therefore; create more anxiety for us. Does that mean we’ll never experience peace again in our lifetime?

According to  Everyone experiences feelings of unhappiness and sadness occasionally. However, when these depressed feelings start to dominate everyday life without a recent loss or trauma and cause physical and mental deterioration, they become what is known as depression. Each year in the United States, depression affects an estimated 17 million people at an approximate annual direct and indirect cost of $53 billion. One in four women is likely to experience an episode of severe depression in her lifetime, with a 10–20% lifetime prevalence, compared to 5–10% for men. The average age a first depressive episode occurs is in the mid-20s, although the disorder strikes all age groups indiscriminately, from children to the elderly.

Even though statistics reveal an often bleak picture of depression, know that modern medicine knows virtually nothing about the “One” who created our very minds, emotions, and body.  This One is God — and since He created us, He knows what we need to work optimally and efficiently.  He has the instruction manual and He owns the methods.

You get to choose who you will believe!  In fact, who you CHOOSE to believe will be the most important decision you will ever make — as in your ENTIRE lifetime. That piece of information is more valuable to you than all the gold in the world.  Why?  Because you can’t take your gold into the next life.  So, whether you realize it or not now, where you spend eternity is the most important question you should be asking yourself.  What you believe  — or don’t believe, can either promote you or demote you.  It determines if you’ll spend eternity in peace and with joy, or in agony with constant anguish of soul.

It’s not what you have, but what you BELIEVE……that’s  the most valuable treasure you own!

I would like to introduce you to a very special man.  In fact, this man became a King.  Not just a king, but the richest and wisest King who ever lived.  His worth would be in the billions, and he would still be the richest man ever, if he were alive today.  This king’s name was Solomon, and he took over as king after the death of his father King David.  Because he was just a youth in his early twenties, he had sense enough to know he could not lead others and make wise decisions for the people without having wisdom that went beyond his young age.

God asked him what he wanted, and he asked for wisdom in order to lead his people rightly.  Because he asked for a good thing according to God, He not only gave him what he asked for, but He gave him an abundance of wisdom.  He had wisdom that no one before, or after him, had.  And because he did not ask selfishly for himself, God gave him an abundance of everything else he would need in his lifetime.   God gave him riches untold.  He made him very prosperous.  In fact, more prosperous than any man before or since.  He was also given a brilliant mind.  He possessed unbelievable creativity.  King Solomon was known the world over.  He was respected and admired for his wisdom and his wealth.

I find this story endlessly fascinating.  Why did God show him such favor?

Notice the order in which Solomon asked when God came to him and asked him if he wanted to ask for anything.  Most of us would immediately ask for something for ourselves.  We would not believe our good fortune if someone great came to us to give us something we asked for, for free.  Solomon revealed to God that he was an unusual young man.  He showed he was not selfish or immature, as some young people would be.  He showed that he was teachable, by having learned from his father David, who was called a man after God’s own heart.  Why was David called this?  Because, instead of turning from God when things did not go his way, he turned TO God.  He understood that God would be his only source of all good things.  He never lost his focus or his relationship with God.

He was not perfect.  In fact, he had many deadly faults.  But instead of turning away from God in pride, he turned to God in humility and confessed his wrong doing.

This is the secret to maintaining an intimate relationship with our Lord.  He is not looking for our perfection… He came so that we could benefit from HIS perfection.  If we were perfect in our own right, we would not be in need of Him – a perfect Savior.  He wants us to enjoy needing Him, because he wants us.  He desires to fellowship with us only because He loves us. It’s His choice to love us and want us in His family.  He longs to lavish His love on us, in fact.     He has no ulterior motives. We don’t understand this kind of love, because it is not of this world, so most don’t receive something they don’t understand. Only with transformation that comes from Him, do we even begin to understand His supernatural love towards us.

Think about what you would ask for if you were given this same great opportunity from God…and what Solomon reaped as a result of asking rightly?

Would you ask for more of Him, or for something selfish that would be squandered soon? Most earthly things don’t last anyway, and they certainly don’t go with us when we leave this earth.  Will you decide today to ask for something that can’t be taken from you and that will last for all eternity?

If you would like to learn more about this topic, see my book: THE SECRET POWER OF GODLY WISDOM TO COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, by Lilliet Garrison.  You may purchase it on

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