Do you long to live worry, anxiety, drama, and burden free?  If you do, you’ll need to inform your heart and not just your mind. Living free requires going down a different road from the one you most usually travel.  This new road requires new information, because it will take you to a different destination.  The reason you will need to inform your heart, is for out of your heart comes your thoughts, words, and practices….such as habits, character, confidence, choices, and beliefs.  In order to change old patterns of thinking and behavior, you’ll need new information or knowledge, which the Bible calls wisdom.

What you believe in your heart shows up in the choices you make. Choices that reveal your inner self….such as your life’s work and passions, your relationships, and the type of entertainment you pursue.  Even your self-talk  will reveal what you hold in your heart.  If negative and hopeless words are taking up residence, they will spill out in your speech to others.  If you continually talk about yourself and your worries, you will draw like-minded people to yourself.  It will be hard to move from worry, if all the people in your sphere of influence speak constantly of worry too.  Receiving an outcome that is different from your past, requires new knowledge and sometimes new people.  This requires putting action to your desire. Setting a goal of going to God’s Word and being open to learning new ways to cope, through wisdom, not reaction, will get you there. Worry is natural, not worrying is unnatural.  The unnatural must be learned, conquered, and assimilated in order for it to become your new natural! Ask God to help you learn a new way to live–by thanking Him continually for being there for you, rather than continually complaining to Him about the things that aren’t going as you would like.  Ask Him to reveal to you what you need to change in order to trust him fully.  Ask Him to show you where you have “stinking thinking.”

The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing, but  expecting a different outcome.

If you want to live worry-free, then you will need to declare from your heart and speak out loud to yourself and to others saying, ”I am what the Word (The Bible) says I am.”  In order to say that of course, you need to know what the Bible says about you and what you have based on it.  “I can do what the Word says I can do.”  “And I can have what the Word says I  have.”

Learning to act on the Word of God – is the recipe for replacing worry for freedom.  Freedom will allow you to live the rich, rewarding life that you have always wanted.  Stop repeating the words you used to say….for you know where that got you. (Let it become your past).

Begin saying (this is now your new future) what God says about you instead.  Do not minimize worry.  If you think that it is a small problem, know that fear is always a companion of worry.  The two go together.  Fear is from the devil.  He wants you to spend all your life in it, because he understands that when you are fearful of many things he can rob from you.  By robbing you of happiness, joy, and contentment, he robs you of a quality life.

A fearful person is always thinking about their fear and about themselves.  A life spent on “self” leaves you empty and void.  No one wants a relationship with someone who is always thinking about themselves–good or bad. Relationships built on mutual affection for one another are satisfying, because we were created to need others.  They bring value to us, and we to them.  God wants to have an intimate relationship with you.  He doesn’t just want you to know about Him, because that is not satisfying.  He wants you to know how much He loves you and desires to be in your company.  That is then satisfying to Him, and to you.

Learn to understand from reading His love letter to you (The Bible) of how much He longs for your company.  In fact, when you don’t spend time with Him, the Bible tells us He becomes jealous.  He wants you and your time, love, devotion, and affection.  He is jealous when you give other THINGS and people the best you have to offer.  He doesn’t require your best.  He’ll take you broken, self-centered, depressed, fearful…..He’ll take you any way that you are, any way that He can get you, because He loves you unconditionally….not what you have to offer or don’t have to offer Him.  He’s not looking for perfection, because He knows no one on earth is perfect.  That’s why He sent His son Jesus, so that through Him you can be made perfect.  No one else on earth defines love in this way.  He truly says, “come just as you are”.  I am waiting for you, because I long to be with YOU.  Believe it — it’s the truth!

God doesn’t want us to live a life that is joyless and burdensome – loaded down with worry and cares.  He has made provision for us to cast our cares upon Him, for He cares for us.  Worry and anxiety will hinder your life in every area.  It will affect your job, because you will not be able to effectively work on problem solving.  You will not be able to effectively work with others when you mind is consumed with your worries. It will affect your marriage and the relationship you have with your children.  They will pick up on your preoccupation with worry and self.  Your children will pick up the same habit.  Be very careful about what you are showing them.  If you want them to be happy, you will need to model for them how to be happy, even when things on the surface do not appear to be going your way.  Happiness is a choice..and so is unhappiness.  We all have reasons to be unhappy at times, but you do not have to live with that unhappiness front and center of your life.  Don’t let it define you.  The only way to be happy, content, and satisfied is to ask God to come into your life and show you how to become more like Him.  This moves us out of self, and we become happier when we focus on Him, the author and giver of peace and contentment.

I prefer to take charge of my emotions and run my own life, with the Lord at the helm leading all the way.  If I let my emotions run my life, then I have allowed myself to become victim to my emotions.  I choose to rule them instead, by overriding them with what I know in my head.  What I know in my head is what was put there by the Holy Spirit, because I read the Word, and because I ask the Holy Spirit to give me His thoughts.

Reading is the most effective way to renew your mind.  Reading God’s Word will replace His thoughts, for your thoughts.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on counselors and medication.  You probably already have a Bible.  Sit down and determine to spend time in it everyday until you recognize your thoughts are changing.  Then continue this pattern throughout your whole life.  It is what teaches you how to change.  This is the secret to living worry-free.

The person who learns to cast their burdens on the Lord, has a aura of confidence that can be seen and felt. Their appearance and countenance is not downcast.  They have a smile on their face as they rest in the Lord, knowing He is taking care of all of their concerns.  He can work in the background….and in peace you can go about what you need to do in your day.  Do not bring worry with you…..bring the Lord instead.

Conquering your thoughts is taking them captive.  No longer will they rule over you.  Ask God to reveal Himself to you and He will.  He will carry your burdens for you, so that you can live worry-free.  The way He created you to live.  That’s choosing to live by and with HIS POWER instead.  You must be willing to give Him your burdens though, for He will not “take” them from you.  You must ACT and give them to Him.  Keep a journal.  Write down the date you told Him your problems, are now His problems.  Then submit, and permit Him to go to work on your behalf.  Now go and enjoy your life.

Wisdom’s Woman / Wisdombringsfreedom.com

For more on this see my book: “THE SECRET POWER OF GODLY WISDOM THAT WILL COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE” by Lilliet Garrison.  Sold at Amazon.com.


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