11 May 2011

Many avoid the most fulfilling, intimate relationship possible here on earth.  And many more go an entire lifetime never experiencing real, intimate love, simply because they don’t know where to go to find it.  Actually it’s not “where” to go, but “who” to go to.  People usually think they will find fulfillment in themselves through achievement or status.  Or in others, when someone worthy or important links up in relationship with them.  But what happens if the achievement or other person goes away?  What if those “things” we chase after are not permanent?  Does that mean the ability to find happiness goes away with them?

I’m going to suggest to you that there is ONLY one person who will never go away or leave you.  That One is God!  It is not in His nature to EVER leave you, because He’s madly in love with you and desperately wants you for Himself.  He’s a jealous God. Why is He jealous?  Because of His great love for you.  He’s protective of you, and He doesn’t want anyone or anything harming you. He doesn’t want you to have idols either, because He wants you to love Him the way He loves you.  He wanted you so much in fact, that He died for you!

Many believe that God desires to make us miserable.  When in fact He wants us to know Him intimately, because He knows that when we experience His overwhelming love for us — we’ll be changed in an instant.  Satan doesn’t want you to know anything about His love for you, exactly because He knows how that fact will impact all the rest of your days.  Satan only wants despair and destruction for your life.  But God wants good things for you and wants you to experience ALL that He has for you.  Stop looking in all the wrong places for something you think will make you happy.  It doesn’t exist, because we weren’t created for “things and other people” to fulfill us.  Only God fulfills, because we have something that was built into us — our spirit.  We are the only creation in which God breathed His spirit into.

That inner part that is always looking, always seeking,  was put there for a reason.  God put it there so you would search for Him.  He is the missing part and when you find Him, He makes you complete.  The creation makes us aware that there is something greater than us in this world.  Everything points us in the direction of a Creator.  We did not make ourselves.  We don’t belong to ourselves either.  For this very reason we will search until we find Him.  Once found – we are at peace, because we have found the “missing element.”

God completes us, because He set up the universe to work that way.  He wanted a family He could lavish His love upon.  He wants to lavish His love upon YOU.  Not just others, but YOU.  Yes, He knows you by name, and He is calling you because He wants you.  He wants you to know He loves you.  He doesn’t see your sin, for He took care of the sin problem by sending His Son Jesus, to die on the cross on your behalf.  This was God’s provision, to make it possible for you to be restored to Him.  Doesn’t that sound like a plan…….that God wanted you that much.

God is not haphazard.  He does everything for a purpose.  He created you, because HE WANTED YOU.  Stop fighting Him, for it gets you nowhere-fast.  Accept His love for you.  In doing so, you can relax and fall into His arms.  It is comforting to have a Father.  A perfect father, a patient father, a loving and accepting father.  If you do not know about this kind of love due to an imperfect, earthly father, then it may blur your ability to receive a love that doesn’t demand something back from you.  But because He is perfect, as no human is, He is love, and love demands to be given away.

God is not asking you for anything!  He doesn’t want your first-born child.  All He desires is to be first in your life.  He asks you to get rid of your idols: work, people, things, possessions, worldly ambition, etc., etc.  He understands you have responsibilities, but don’t allow those things to overshadow Him.  Ask Him to help you make Him a priority and to not seek fulfillment in worldly endeavors.  They are deceptive, because at first we believe what the world tells us about them.  We are told to get the best education, best job, best spouse, have the best children and we will find happiness.  But soon we realize that happiness is not a foolproof formula.  Our inner man is often empty even when we gain these things, because without God taking priority in our lives, we lack true joy.  Joy doesn’t come by a formula.  You can’t chase it down.  You can’t purchase it.  It is a fruit of the Spirit that comes when we seek God with our WHOLE HEART.  When we want nothing else on this earth but Him, He’ll reward us with “HIS JOY.”  That is a gift that comes only from Him.  Nothing else satisfies.  Will you ask Him for His joy — and then seek no others?

Wisdom Brings



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