Is medication really the only solution for depression? Perhaps we must first ask ourselves the question: Why am I depressed? When did this start and why can’t I move from it?  Keep a journal and see if you can pinpoint some event or changed thinking that may have triggered your depression.

But first: I’m going to present a solution to the problem of depression that you’re not likely to hear from your doctor.  I want to back up a little by suggesting to you the root-cause of depression and grief (also not something that doctors speak about much). Depression is most often a spiritual problem and not as often a medical problem.

Is your life characterized by anger, rage, drama, constant crisis, loss, regret and deep sorrow? Difficult situations that don’t seem to have a solution often lead us to depression.  But depression also  reveals what’s truly in our heart. It doesn’t matter what the difficulty; financial, relationship, loss of job, loved ones, or a way of life. Loss tosses us a curve ball and often we’re not prepared for it.

Far too many people focus continually on their problem when that doesn’t really solve anything. Whether the problem is from your own making, or comes from circumstances beyond your control, you must recognize that you have a problem that’s in need of a solution.  Going for counseling can help with practical steps for moving away from depression, but some depression comes because of a deep dissatisfaction with life and not knowing our true purpose.  Life seems so futile, so purposeless…and this causes us to lose hope.

Doctors and counselors remember, unless they are Christian, have been trained to think of medication as a treatment to solve problems.  But God told us that our rebellious nature is our problem.  Could our depression be coming from not knowing the God who created us and knows what’s best for us?  Could our dissatisfaction and inability to get ahead and prosper come from not knowing enough or not holding the secrets to long-lasting prosperity?

There is only ONE solution to all your problems! That solution is wrapped up in a “person,” not in methods or drugs.    Medications are often harmful and ineffective because they only mask an underlying condition.  It’s the broken condition of the heart.  A doctor can’t fix this for you–only God can.  He’s the only one who can fill up the void and give you joy for your sorrow.  The world doesn’t know anything about joy, because joy comes from the Lord, not the world.  The world’s imitation is happiness, and it’s usually  fleeting at best.

Depression often comes because we don’t know how to live life well, and we don’t know the secrets to getting ahead.  But God gave us His instruction book–the Bible, and it holds all the solutions to every problem that plaques mankind. So if you go looking for solutions in other people, things, possessions, or titles – you’re really only delaying any progress towards finding a lasting solution. You could also be adding another problem to your resume. Looking to ourselves – or being self-centered only prolongs the feelings of hopelessness.

God has already provided solutions to every problem you’ll face! He has given you everything you need to overcome the evil in this world, but it is up to you to catch hold of it. Satan will tell you your problem is to big, too ugly, so don’t bother going to God about it.

We are the ones who must make use of “His” wisdom by searching for it. What we don’t know, or the godly wisdom and knowledge we don’t possess can be fatal to us.  Only truth will set you free. (Or should I say, the truth that you “know” will set you free!)  God is the author of truth.  Once you receive His truth, you must decide to accept it or reject it.

Turn to God for the solutions to your problems. If you decide to hand Him your problems and trust Him to solve them, it will first require that you know Him personally. You cannot ask for something from someone who doesn’ know you. By accepting His free grace and mercy to save and free you, you are in essence getting to know Him on a personal and deeper level.  Many know ABOUT Him, but don’t know Him personally. Ask Him to come into your heart and save you. God gives favor and blesses those who wish to know more about Him and diligently seek Him out. This requires an action on your part. You MUST choose Him, or reject Him. If you neglect to make a choice, you have already made your choice.

Satan has many plans for your life. Depression and hopelessness are just two plans that he uses to defeat God’s created beings. If you decide to listen to God (through His written Word to you), rather that Satan, you are now half-way to a solution. When we listen to Satan, we become a little-god to ourselves as we become overly self-focused. Satan desires nothing more than to keep you away from God’s goodness and love. He doesn’t want you to know anything about Him, because he doesn’t want good things for you. Ignorance is his method to keeping you where he wants you–defeated!  When we become God-focused, we move away from the messages Satan throws at us.


Jesus is the only right answer to that question. There are only two forces in this world. Good and evil. God is the author of good, and Satan is the author of evil. Once you see this in it’s simplicity, you will be better able to see the source behind what is coming into your life. Is it good, or is it evil? You can then go about asking God to help you, by giving you the wisdom that comes only from Him.

Self-centered people are easily offended. If the mention of Jesus’ name offends you, then you will not be teachable, and you’ll end up on the wide and well-traveled road that leads to depression, discouragement, and defeat. Decide today to get rid of any unbelief, to open yourself up to new truth, and to take a step back and look at your life and your current situations. If you start there, asking God to reveal to you where you need to change your thinking, you will save yourself much grief and heartbreak. Ask God to move you out of your defeated position, and show you what you need to know in order to see with clarity.

Be sure to develop gratitude towards Him. God loves to hear those who are thankful for His many blessings. If you can’t think of any, ask Him to bring some to your remembrance. A thankful heart is the secret key to moving out of depression. Go and offer help to another soul, and you will gradually move away from depression. Depression wants to stay focused on self — to move away from it requires being interested in others. Start with interest in the One who can help you — GOD!

A transparent, open heart is all God asks for. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and He will. From there He will take your situation from you  if you ask Him to. He never turns His back on anyone, who with humility, asks for help with the hard tasks of life. He longs to do this for you. Will you turn to Him so He can work on your behalf?

***Psalm 85:8, “I will listen to what God the LORD says; he promises peace to his people, his faithful servants— but let them not turn to folly.”

***Colossians 3:15, “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”




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