February  25, 2010

Most people can identify if  they have worry in their life.  Fewer people though, recognize  how they developed the pattern of worry.  And fewer still, know how to  rid themselves of it once they recognize that it has taken over their life.  Worry and fear grow with time, because with time we have more to worry about.

What exactly is worry?  Worry is a form of fear.  The dictionary describes it as: To feel uneasy or concerned about something; be troubled. To cause to feel anxious, distressed, or troubled.

In a Biblical context: worry is letting fear overtake your faith.  In other words when you have worry and anxiety, which are just other words used for fear, you do not have faith.  Faith and fear cannot co-exist.  They are polar opposites.  The same is true if you have faith operating in your life.  Where faith is, fear cannot operate.  You have one or the other, but you cannot have both operating in your life at the same time.  One cancels out the other.

Worry is a learned character trait.  To the Christian, worry is evidence that faith is not at work.  Worry reveals a distrust of God and His ability to work things out for your good.  You worry because you’re not sure you can control all aspects of your life.  It’s present, because you believe you are the only one you can trust to control your life. You are saying to yourself and to God, He can’t be trusted with your life and your future.  You render him useless and powerless to work on your behalf.  Then you actually BELIEVE He is powerless and useless.  It becomes your truth, but not the real truth.  This means you are living in unbelief.  God cannot work things out for your good, unless you have the faith to believe.  Unbelief cancels out faith to believe.  They are polar opposites as well.

If that is a true statement for you, know that worry and fear are exhausting traits to carry on your back.  They are heavy baggage and they begin to weigh you down – often to the point of being immobile, because you continue to heap additional worries and additional weight upon your back.

When you succumb to worry, you automatically succumb to fear.  Worry makes small problems seem monumental.  Fear works the same way.  Satan loves to see fear take hold of our lives in order to render us useless to ourselves or to others.  Satan magnifies your fear, so that you will not turn away from thoughts of yourself.  Self-focus keeps you locked in fear and in bondage.

When you break away from self-absorption you begin to see more clearly.  Clear thinking will allow you look to God for the answers to your problems.  When you look to Him; you suddenly have hope for your future.  Satan doesn’t want you living with hope, and he doesn’t want you to have a future, so he keeps you trapped by your own all-consuming thoughts of fear and dread.

The evening always brings shadows with it.  Light dispels shadows.  Shadows can loom large, and fear makes us believe there is something there in the darkness that is frightening.  But as soon as we turn a light on, we see clearly that there was nothing there to be afraid of.  God’s light in us reveals this same simple spiritual truth.  Where Jesus is – in our heart – there cannot also be fear.

Just because Satan exists, does not mean we must spend our lives fearful of Him.  If we have God and the Holy Spirit operating in our lives, we must merely spend time in His presence (which is turning the lights on) and the darkness is dispelled in our hearts and our lives.

John 10:10 states, “The thief comes not but to steal, kill, and destroy: I have come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.”

Jesus is the answer to the enemy.  He is greater than the enemy, so if you have Him, you have a ”Defeator” to your enemy. To defeat means: to win victory over; beat. To prevent the success of; thwart.  It has already been accomplished in Jesus.

Remember Jesus is always there for you,  and always working on your behalf when you call out His name.  He provides a way out, but we must call on Him.  Not ourselves, not our friends, or family, but HIM.  There is power in His name……… not in yours, or in others.

Be mindful that worry produces nothing of value in your life.  Worry is unproductive and it doesn’t change your circumstance.  Instead turn from worry, look to Jesus, and He will provide you with an answer to your problem.  Just because you may be thinking how simple of a solution that sounds, does not mean it is not absolute truth.  The truth is we can make everything in the spiritual realm seem mysterious and difficult.  But it is not.  God’s message is simple.  Trust Him!  And only HIM!

Matthew 6:25-30 tells us we must take every thought captive.  Worry is a thought-life that’s not been taken captive.

What you starve, dies.  And what you feed, grows.  Today, decide whether you will starve worry, and feed faith.  Or whether you will feed worry, and starve faith.  It is always your choice to choose victory over defeat.

Next time we’ll look at how you can move from being unproductive  with worry and fear, to being productive and worry-free.

Wisdom’s Woman /

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