12 Mar 2010 –

You must first ask yourself what does worry do for you?  If you are honest you will have to answer…..nothing good.

Actually worry does do something for you.  But everything it does for you is negative.  It creates stress, and stress creates huge health problems which can go so far as to include early death.  No one wants to die before their appointed time; but if we do not face the reality of what worry does to us, we are ignoring the negative consequences of keeping it in our daily lives.

Worry produces nothing of value for you.  In fact, it produces or holds a destructive power over you.  The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 5:7 that we are to cast all of our cares upon Him; for He cares for us.  Casting, as in fishing, means we must sling our worry far from us–towards God.  God is more than able to take it from you, if you are willing to cast it before Him. If you insist on keeping it for yourself — instead of casting it off, you’ll be responsible for it’s negative outcome in your life.  You’ll benefit with a more peaceful demeanor and better health if you learn to trust God instead of yourself.

Living worry-free means you believe God is big enough to take care of every aspect of your life.  Worry is the result of the opposite – you’re not permitting yourself to trust Him.  You are trusting yourself instead.  But we are not all-knowing, all-powerful, or full of spiritual wisdom, so with our incomplete knowledge we foolishly hold on to things that we’re not meant to hold on to.  Worry is burdensome and damaging.

God made it His responsibility to care for us, but we must give Him permission to do so.  When we refuse, we bear the negative results — sickness.  Sickness is physical, mental, or emotional.  God wants you well.  Give Him your problems and you free yourself from many sicknesses.

Not trusting God brings depression, sadness, hopelessness, and eventually despair.  Trusting God with your life means you trust Him to bring you through your current difficulties. You trust Him to have better days ahead for you, as well.  Trusting Him gives you peace, rest, joy, contentment, satisfaction, and hope for your future.  All these things bring you peace and good health.  Good health gives you a longer life to enjoy.  God intended for you to enjoy your life, not merely endure it. Trust Him and He will help you to leave your destructive behaviors behind, and embrace healthy behaviors instead.

Decide today to give Him your worry.  Say:  “Today Lord, I decide to make the decision to cast my cares upon you.  Please take them.  Help me not to take them back.  Help me to break old cycles that do not work or that are not productive and healthy.  Please let me know when I am taking worry back because it is known behavior to me.  From this day forward I am deciding to trust you, and allow you to change me and my thinking.”

Keep a journal for at least 21 days.  It takes 3 weeks to develop a new habit.  Repeat this prayer as often as you need to, but at least once a day, until it becomes your new habit.  Before too long you will find it comforting to know that you do not need to keep your habit of worry, and that you have someone BIG and POWERFUL who will take it for you.

The mark of a person who lives worry-free is the joy and peace they exhibit to the world around them, even in the midst of persecution, affliction, poverty, sickness, and battling in spiritual warfare. Worry takes the joy out of living.  Trusting God puts the joy in living back.   Eventually you can learn new ways to live worry-free because you trust God to work all things out for your good.

Just remember that living life worry-free does not mean you actually have no problems; it merely means you know who to give your problems to.  That alone gives you the power to live worry-free.

By acting on God’s Word – you decide to trust and believe Him.  In so doing you enjoy a rich, full life in God — and not what the world wants to give you.  Most don’t want to be robbed of the blessings of God through worry.  But they do so, because they don’t know what the Word says about them, or about  the abundant life God wants to give them.  Will you this day decide to trust Him and give him ALL your worries?  Tell Him this is what you desire — He’ll take it from there!

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