13 May 2011

I know many of you are living with an extreme amount of stress and worry these days. Some of it may be due to global circumstances beyond your control, and some  may be due to poor decision-making on your part. Either way, stress and worry come with a huge price tag. They steal our ability to be truly happy and productive. Stress, worry, and anxiety, if left unchecked, can lead to feelings of overwhelming hopelessness,  depression, and despair.  These debilitating emotions will steal your life from you, and may even lead to premature death.  Does this describe your life?  Did you start your adult life expecting good things, but see that possibility slipping away day by day?

The good news is that just because your current circumstances look like they are permanent, I want to tell you they’re not. When we become depressed we can’t see beyond the depression.  Our hope is deflated, and we begin to believe things will always be the way they are today.  Right now you may believe there’s no hope for a good future — a future filled with blessings. There is always hope, but it requires you to look beyond your current circumstances and beyond yourself.  Actually where you are today, may even be a “good thing.”  How?  Because it could be your turning-point in life.  When everything is good and life is going our way, we usually don’t look too deeply at our inner lives — or very far down the road.  Bad times demand we rethink how we have been living and take a new look at the results it has produced for us. For many, this will require new thinking.  The definition of insanity is expecting a different outcome, yet continue doing the same things.

Your thinking is your greatest asset.  Your mind and its ability to process information and gain knowledge is a gift from God.  Without your mind, you would be just a shell.  God is the giver of all good things, so renewing your mind – with His Word, is what sends you in a new direction.  Right information leads to the right kind of knowledge.  And the right kind of knowledge leads one to wisdom.  If your new knowledge comes from reading God’s Word (try Proverbs, which is full of Godly Wisdom) then you’ll gain wisdom.

Godly wisdom will show you the way you need to “turn.”  A new life, requires turning 180 degrees.  A new direction gives new meaning to your life.  You suddenly now know what to do, when before you were completely confused and bewildered. Multitudes are completely befuddled by how they got to where they are.  You can’t live successfully without Godly wisdom.  This is the reason so many of us ruin our lives, when we didn’t start with that intention.  But our best methods are no match for the wisdom of God.  He is the only One who can give you a new lease on life, by showing you a better way — a MUCH BETTER WAY.

If you’re open to HIS better way, then ask Him to come into your life and reveal Himself to you.  He will!  Ask Him to also reveal to you where you’ve gone wrong (besides operating your life in your own strength, will-power, and knowledge). He’ll give you new ways of thinking about your life and eventually, gradually you’ll experience a turn-around for the better.  You do not need to stay where you presently are.  If you are willing to learn new things and new ways of thinking, then you’ll live with abundant joy instead of dread.  Joy is not happiness, for happiness is often dependent on getting what you want, or getting your own way.

Pure joy comes from God, and isn’t dependent on money, possession, status, people, or things.  It’s put into our inner man by God; it’s a reward He gives to those who earnestly seek Him out.  His Word says “He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6).

Joy doesn’t have anything to do with what you have or don’t have.  But it has everything to do with “WHO” you have.  God is the answer and He is the most important “Who” you could ever be introduced to.  Even reading this, you know it’s the truth and that God has led you to read this.  You know deep down (for you have a part put into you that needs to find God) that He is the answer.

Trying things your way has revealed to you that you don’t have the answer.  If you did, then you wouldn’t be where you are…….so stop wasting time in denial and get your life back on track — NOW.  Everything in life comes down to the decisions we make daily.  Little decisions, day after day, eventually take us to our destiny.  If you don’t like where the bus left you off, then make a decision to gain back control of your life, by deciding today to do something different.  That something different is choosing to ask God to come into your heart and life, to show you His better way.  It’s called abundant life.  Leave the depression and poverty behind, turn 180 degrees with God, and you will never return to where you are today.  Never!

God’s secrets for success can be found in His Word and they’ve been time-tested for over 2,000 years. They’ve been proven successful beyond measure.  God wants you excited about your life – the life He gave you.  Turn from your past and look towards a beautiful and bright future with Him at the helm.

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