The Bible tells us that a wise man is strong and knowledge increases his strength (Proverbs 24:5).

Think back over your life and the choices you’ve made. Are there any decisions that if given the opportunity to take back, you would?  Do you look back at your youth and see that you made foolish decisions? If so, know that there is still good news.  We learn many lessons as we go through life and eventually mature.  The key is to learn and not keep repeating foolish mistakes.  This is how we make our future better — by learning what not to do.  Your behavior, actions, and choices should reflect new decision making processes.  Gaining knowledge by asking God for His wisdom will lead you to the maturity it takes to keep from repeating past foolish mistakes. A wise person makes wise decisions.  The result is increased strength.

So the choice here is pretty clear.  Make Godly choices, based on the Word of God, and you grow in wisdom.  Do not heed God’s Word or His wisdom, and you will live a foolish life.  You may be saying “I don’t live a foolish life.”  But, did you know that the Bible says if we do not apply the Word, we are being foolish.

Take time to evaluate whether the Word has become operative in your life.  Whose words do you listen to when you are stressed out and under pressure?  What do you do when you are depressed, have personal and financial problems, or are in need of healing?  You may be hearing the Word on Sunday morning, but the question is not just the hearing of it, but the doing.  What are you doing with the Word that you’re getting?

The wisdom of God is synonymous with the Word of God.  It’s what  produces fruit and a harvest in your life.  The book of Proverbs teaches us that wisdom is the principal thing (Proverbs 4:7), and encourages us to get it.  Have you asked for it and acquired it for yourself?  You won’t be able to live a life that produces fruit without it.  Perhaps, as the Word says, you have not, because you ask not!  Ask right now for what God desires you to ask for — HIS WISDOM.

Wisdom is the ability to successfully apply the knowledge you have from God’s Word.  It’s knowing what to do deep down in your spirit, when you don’t know what to do in your natural ability.

If you’re not in God’s Word, then get in to it now. If you can’t understand it, then ask God for understanding. You can’t read and listen to all the worldly reports from people, evening news casts, and the foolishness that comes from secular music, t.v., magazines, and entertainment.  What are you reading, listening to, watching with your eyes?  They are the gates — the opening of either good or evil to come to you.  Don’t be foolish by thinking you can listen and watch anything you want.  Filth produces filth.  Wisdom produces wisdom.  It’s your choice.  Face the facts, look at the fruit and decide today what you want to chase after.  This is proof of foolishness or wisdom.

Asking for understanding and wisdom gets you on the right road to receiving all the good things God has in store for you.  Be honest with yourself and ask, “Am I a foolish person, or wise?  If it’s the first, turn from it and ask God for His prescription to living a new life in wisdom!




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