Did you know that it is God who is the giver of both hope and vision? 
God longs to give you a good life, with a good and productive outcome.
God doesn’t want any person living a wasted life, because that is exactly what it is — a waste.
God didn’t create you so you would end up in the garbage can, or even to live a sub-standard life.

God owns and operates a Kingdom!  In that Kingdom are
all the secrets we need here on earth to have access to that Kingdom.  Wisdom is
the principle key that reveals to us what is required  to access the
vast wealth and knowledge of God’s Kingdom.  God owns the cattle on a thousand
hills and the gold on the streets in heaven are not gold-plated, but solid.
Does that sound like a God who is poor and treats His children miserly.  Not at

Get a new vision of God by reading His Word – The Bible.  When you
do you may discover for yourself that what you thought or were taught about God
being stingy — is just plain false!

One of the things God wants to give you, just because He can, and because He is very rich, is access to His riches and Kingdom.

In order to inherit what He has, we must become His heirs.  How do
we do that?  By believing in Him, accepting rather than rejecting Him, and
asking Him to come into your heart.  When you do this, the Bible tells us, you
have received Him.  That makes you a child of God and an heir to His fortune.
Heaven is just one reward for accepting Him.  But God desires to bless you on
earth as well.

Part of the blessings of God involve Him giving you an
assignment for your life.  That assignment is part of the vision you must
discover that He had for you, even before you were born.  Think about that!  He
knew you before you were even conceived.  He planned for you to be born during
this time in history.  Everything He does is for a purpose.  He does
everything with order and precision.  You were part of that plan.  He would not
create you and then not have a purpose and a plan for your life.

Hope comes when we know we are not alone and that we don’t need to figure everything
out with our own feeble mind.  We have limited information and knowledge.  By
asking God for wisdom, you can increase the right kind of knowledge that you’ll
need for finding your purpose.  For some it comes through a dream or vision.
For me it came when in desperation, I asked Him what He wanted me to do with the
rest of my life.  The answer came about two weeks later….to start

Hope comes when we start understanding that God has good plans
for us!   We just need to be on an earnest quest to seek Him out (getting to
know our Creator God intimately, through the reading of His Word, speaking and
listening to Him in prayer, and with gratitude, worshipping Him for the
magnificent God that He is).

God loves when His children long to be in
His presence to enjoy Him.  For many, that does not come naturally, so start
working on these practices and eventually they will become more natural. Then
one day, you’ll recognize that you can’t imagine living otherwise.

You’ll start to get excited as He shows you things you never knew before. You’ll begin
to see a future vision for your life — a very good life, in Christ.  But,
remember these things come only to those who know Him personally.  If you
believe that you don’t, then stop right now and ask Him to come into your heart,
and make you new.

You’ll gain a brand new life for your decision to
accept Him in faith.  And by the way, welcome to the family of God!

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