Satan loves to target Christians with his attacks. His sole purpose is to get them to
abandon their promised destiny–which is to spend all eternity with their
Heavenly Father. And he certainly doesn’t want them to enjoy their life, to be
fruitful, or do anything worthwhile for others or for the Kingdom of
He loves to strike a person’s inner soul and mind.  This is where a
person’s emotions reside.  His primary goal is to confuse a person’s thinking so
that person will pay more attention to their feelings, rather than to what He says
in His written Word.  When we follow our thinking, we put it above what God says,
and we determine our lives and destiny based on what we think to be truth. This
is a dangerous path to take.  This path additionally leads to torment for
many.  Just because a person believes what they think, is truth — doesn’t make it
real truth.  Only what God says about us is the real truth!
Depression often results when we choose to listen to Satan’s messages.  Listening to what
he thinks about us will often convince us that’s who we really are deep down
inside.  Yet Satan is a liar, and ALL his messages are lies.  There is NO truth
in him.

If you find yourself struggling with negative emotions and
you’re thinking poorly about yourself, ask yourself who you’re listening to?
You won’t have new and better thoughts about yourself, unless you go to the ONE
source that reveals truth.  God’s Word, the Bible, holds the real truth about

You’re valuable and loved unconditionally by Him.  He knew you
before you were born and wants only good things for you.  Yes, He requires a few
things from you….like putting Him first in your life, having no idols before
Him…and yes, money, things, power, and influence are all idols.  He asks these
things from us, because He knows our lives are primed for true success, riches,
and blessings that only He can give.  And they come only through obedience to Him
and His Word.

If you’re never in His Word to read for yourself what it
is He desires and longs for — or for that matter anything about Him and His
nature, then how on earth will you ever know if you missed the mark or

Decide today to get to know Him!!  Recognize the attacks of Satan to derail you from this important task.  Satan doesn’t want good things for you, so he offers his bait instead — depression, anxiety, being too busy, believing spiritual things are foolishness, and the MANY distractions and concerns of life.  Refuse to take his bait by finding out his real nature and methods to defeat you.  They’re in God’s Word too.

For more on how Satan works, see my book ‘THE SECRET

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Posted by Wisdom Brings Freedom
Ministries at 12:43 PM

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