Ages before your birth, God had a purpose in mind for your life. When He created you, He implanted within you your personality, your likes and dislikes, and your strengths and weaknesses. Because He designed you to live with purpose and passion, He programmed you with abilities, gifts, and talents that would enable you to succeed according to His plan. This can be called your assignment in life, your purpose for existing.

Your assignment is tied in to whatever it is about which you’re most passionate, and others are drawn to you by that passion. If you’re zealous about your life, those around will take notice. What do you most enjoy talking to others about? What do you enjoy learning more about? What excites you? What do you love most? What occupies your thoughts in those idle moments? These are clues as to what you’ve been hardwired to do. God has endowed you with appropriate abilities to carry out your vision.

Many people become discouraged simply because they don’t know what they’re supposed to do with the life they’ve been handed. Scores of people waste years trying all sorts of endeavors, never taking notice of what they’re good at—their natural aptitudes. Sometimes people are unhappy in their work life because they’re laboring in an area that isn’t their strength. Alternatively, they’ve pursued a vocation because a parent, guidance counselor, financial advisor, or other well-meaning individual steered them against their will into that particular field.

Looking to others for guidance on what we should do with our lives works only if they’re willing to take an objective look at our giftedness. If we pursue a vocation based solely on money or advancement opportunity, it won’t be long before we become dissatisfied.
God doesn’t work that way in our lives. He knows us before we are born and affirmed His plan for us.
• “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5).

When God calls us to our assignment and reveals to us our purpose, it’s because He designed it especially for us. Yet He doesn’t expect that we’ll already possess everything we need for success. He calls us based on what He can do through us, if we’ll allow Him to lead, direct, and equip us for the task ahead.
When God reveals your purpose to you, be sure to obey.

When God calls you to your assignment, don’t ignore or resist it. Don’t be afraid either. Remember that He knows you better than you know yourself, and He alone knows your potential. God will give you the inner desire to carry out your assignment, birthing a passion deep within you for that particular work. God rewards those who obey by giving them this dedication to task, an enthusiasm that will bring fulfillment to everything we do. Know that God equips those He calls in order for them to fulfill their purpose. He won’t call you to anything you could do on your own apart from Him. Unless you try to accomplish the task unassisted, you have nothing to fear. With His assistance and guidance, you simply can’t fail.

Jonah’s assignment:
Jonah was given a twofold instruction by God that would lead him to his assignment: (see Jonah 2:9 – 3:3).
1. He was to leave the place where he was, and…
2. He was to go to Nineveh instead.
Jonah started out in obedience (he got up and went!), but he didn’t finish in obedience. God had to deal with his refusal to complete his assignment. God doesn’t discipline us because He has nothing better to do. He disciplines us because He loves us and wants us to conclude our assignment—both for His satisfaction and our own.

Remaining in His presence gives us the endurance we need to accomplish our task. Loving what we do infuses us with persistence and equips us with the necessary tenacity, determination, and diligence we need to endure. God longs for the opportunity to congratulate us with a hearty, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Our passion will help us to push forward in the face of resistance. And that passion will breed more passion, keeping us diligent at every step.

(Portion taken from my book: THE SECRET POWER OF GODLY WISDOM TO COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, by Lilliet Garrison.  Sold on Amazon.com.)


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