From the very beginning God created man to rule over his physical world, God’s creation.  God gave us dominion and He expected that we would take it and use it to conform the world around us.  God gave this responsibility to Adam and He expected him to have the capacity to carry it out.  God gave Adam work to do.  He named the animals and tended the garden.  He was also to instruct his wife Eve, when God presented her (the good thing) to Adam.  This was man’s responsibility.  God had His own work to do and did not expect to micro-manage Adam.  He made Adam capable; after all, Adam had God’s spirit breathed into him and he was made in God’s own image.  This is powerful.

What happened?  Why does man now live as a victim, and not as the victor God intended?

God had such high hopes for mankind, His pride and joy.  Lucifer (now named Satan after his fall from Heaven) rebelled against God and considered himself as an equal. Worse than that He wanted to be greater than God Himself!  God made Lucifer VERY beautiful, more beautiful than any of the angels.  Rather than enjoying what God had bestowed upon him, he became puffed up and prideful over something he had nothing whatsoever to do with.  He was a created being — NOT THE CREATOR.  He held no power apart from what God gave him.  Pride blinds us to the fact that apart from God we are nothing.  Pride lets us entertain thoughts that we are somehow special and better than we really are.  Pride blinds us to reality.  Pride is sin, and it’s sin that keeps us blind.

What happened to Adam and Eve?

Why were they sent from God’s presence and the ease and protection of God’s care in the garden?  Because, they chose to listen (entertained the lies) and then believed Satan over God.  They willfully disobeyed God and obeyed Satan, and this was a deliberate choice that had such grave consequences. Yes, Eve was deceived, but Adam was not and he could have protected his wife by being a better mentor to her.   People every day choose to make the same choice.  They follow the God of this world-Satan, rather than turn to a God who can save them from all destruction, sorrow and grief, but they WILL NOT.

God is always truthful and wants only the very best for his children, because He is full of love towards us — even in our sin.  Satan on the other hand, has nothing in good in mind for us, because he hates anything that God loves.  And since God loves us, Satan simply hates us and wants to destroy us.  This is not just a simple matter of sin or willful disobedience.  This is grave and changed the whole future dominion issue for man.

Yes, dominion has never changed and God still expects us to take charge over our physical appetites and temptations.  But He doesn’t expect us to do it in our own strength.  He gave us the power of the Holy Spirit to take authority over our natural, sinful nature and to command it to conform — by the renewing of our mind (which is done by staying in the Word of God and speaking forth that authority over Satan using God’s Word).

But since man still chooses to listen and believe Satan over God, He doesn’t know anything about  having dominion and power over sin and death.  We have been given life in Christ, if we’ll accept Him, and that’s the name, power, and authority to win over every temptation and evil in this world.  Only those who choose to take it as their own and develop it continually in their lives have true dominion.

Jesus said in the book of Revelation.

*  “To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations— that one ‘will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery’—just as I have received authority from my Father” (Revelation 2:26-27).

Will you choose to go to God’s Word and find out more about how He intended for you to come out victorious in such a corrupt world?  Decide to use your computer for something that will make you wise and not dumb you down.  Your very survival is at stake.


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