Are you aware of how few people make goals for their own personal life-journey?

Some people develop strategies for achieving the education required to go into the profession they want, and some prepare goals for getting promotions once they reach their chosen profession.  But what about their personal life?  How many have goals for choosing a quality mate, or even know what one looks like? One that will remain faithful and true?  One who possesses a moral compass and knows what they want to achieve, aside from career goals, in life?  One who knows the importance of hands-on parenting, and for developing proper balances and appetites so that they don’t become obsessed with their career only?  Of course in order to attract quality, we must be a person of quality ourselves.  After all – like attracts like!

Most starting their adult life  have dreams and high hopes that life will be good. Their optimistic about what the future holds for them.  But some find only a few short years later, that life did not turn out as they had planned.  Why is this?  For the simple reason that many did not plan, prepare, and set goals for a achieving a SUCCESSFUL personal life.  They were not purposeful,  intentional, and diligent about making this a priority.

Happiness is a choice.  Success is a choice.  You’re given some 60-90+ years in this life.  What you do with it is a personal choice.  If you have no plans or direction, and don’t know what you want out of life…that’s precisely what you’ll get … NOT MUCH.  Life can be very disappointing if you have no compass to direct you.  Life is a journey.  It’s meant to be lived to the “full” the Bible tells us.  If you’re not living life to the full, then perhaps you have made no provision for living this way.

Motivated, successful people plan for success!!!  Failure is not part of their plan.  They may have to go to Plan B, C or even D, but they do not let go of their plans for success.  They keep their goals ever before them.  They don’t write them once and then put them on a shelf.  Keeping your goals in front of you, keeps you on target.  On the success journey, your goals become your route.  You may not always reach your destination, but the goals you make will direct you on “how to take the journey.”

On this success journey, the beginning of the trip is just as important as the end.  God is interested in us FINISHING WELL to receive our just reward for those who are found faithful and true.  It matters to Him that we do not just start out strong, but that we end strong too.  This is what a journey is.  Do you have plans for reaching your end STRONG and CONFIDENT?  Success is not so much about being the best at everything, but about not giving up — by keeping your goals in mind and ever before you.

If you have not been purposeful about: not settling, compromising, wavering in your faith, or knowing how to spend the years God is giving you, then don’t be surprised when life is full of broken dreams and promises.  That may be a picture of your past, but with God you can receive a new picture for a good and prosperous tomorrow.  Ask Him today to come and help you.  You do this by giving Him permission to touch your life by accepting Him. Turn your life over to Him and He’ll make  something good out of it.  He’ll give you new goals and show you how to reach them.  He’ll take your failure and turn it around – towards SUCCESS.

Are you willing to step out and DO something you may have never done before, in order to RECEIVE something you’ve  never received before?  GO AHEAD AND ASK HIM FOR IT!  What have you got to lose?  You have EVERYTHING to gain and NOTHING to lose!

For more on this topic and others see my book:  THE SECRET POWER OF GODLY WISDOM to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE by Lilliet Garrison.  Sold at Amazon.com, Kindle, Barnes &Noble, Nook, and at numerous other book stores.


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