For those who can’t shake themselves from their stupor to find out what’s really important, they’re destined to live as in the days of Noah.  Those surrounding Noah watched him build the Ark, but they chose not to see or listen.  That choice came with a high price tag―it cost them their lives. Because they had never seen rain, they couldn’t imagine what was coming. 

Noah listened to the Lord.  He was familiar to listening to His voice.  When he was told to build the Ark, he believed what God said, and was therefore prepared with his whole family not to experience what the rest of the world had to.  The people mocked Noah, but Noah believed God and did as He requested.

When Christ returns at His second coming―He’ll find foolish people still spending their time and resources on meaningless stuff. They’ll be caught unaware, or sleeping as the disciples did, because they can’t see the warning signs and determine what is soon coming.  They won’t be prepared to go up into Heaven, just as those who did not believe, were not prepared to go into the ark. Tragedy comes to those who do not respond to Christ’s love and invitation to spend eternity with Him―just as in the days of Noah.

One must learn to listen to the voice of God by becoming focused.  The harsh reality of pursuing a worthless agenda, brings anguish in hindsight!  Instead, prepare yourself by getting to know the Lord and listening to His voice. If you ask the Holy Spirit to help you listen, He’ll surely do it.


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