Remember, God is the author of all genuine success.  Jesus was completely successful in everything He undertook. He made everything that was ever made―and it was all good.  Nothing in existence is here by accident, though ignorant man desires to think otherwise. If it’s in existence, it’s here because God, through His spoken word, made it happen!

If God wrote down His vision, shouldn’t we? God created the universe, planets, sun, moon and stars, the spirit world, angels, and mankind―and everything seen and unseen by human eyes.

We’re prone to think we know all things, when in actuality God only chooses to reveal “part” to humankind.  We aren’t aware of what He knows that we’re not privy to.  These are the secret things of God, and we know nothing about them.  That’s why we’re in vast need of the Holy Spirit’s revelation to us.  Sometimes we simply must know something to avoid disaster.  At these times, and for those who wish to know more about Him, He will reveal more to them. That revelation is for our benefit.

Perhaps you’ve never considered that God wanted a family to shower His love upon, so He produced that family.  Adam and Eve were the result.  He simply made it happen.  If God had goals to make something that He wanted happen, then we can believe that we should be setting goals for our lives too.

Manmade goals must be perceived as realistic in order to be effective.  And God has His own ways for getting us to success.  But for now I want to keep things extremely practical, so we’ll look at basic goal setting.

If your goals are on a personal level, then setting goals is the process that allows you to specify them.  After you have identified them, you can move to work on those objectives.  Personal goals can include spiritual, career, relationship, and financial goals. Goals provide a sense of direction and purpose. Our brains are created to problem-solve. Nothing happens until we plan. Setting goals and objectives aids us in achieving.  It’s important to understand that there’s a difference between goals and objectives.

When we turn our lives over to God and let Him guide us, He brings light into our life.  This illuminates our path and we begin to know which way to go.  We must ask for this guidance and direction though.  By asking for wisdom to know which way to go, we can stay in the light and avoid the darkness that comes from going our own way.

God brings order into our lives when we surrender to Him completely and unconditionally.  We gladly do this when we understand that there’s no other way to live successfully. A heavy burden is lifted from us when we understand that we no longer bear the responsibility of caring for ourselves.  When we belong to God―He’s responsible for our well-being.  This brings us rest, and we have peace of mind knowing that He takes care of all His children. He is a good and responsible Father.  In Him there’s real life―light in this present world and in the world to come.  When we’re willing to lose our life, we gain it.  When we hold on to it, we lose it.  There’s no other way to attain real life.  Merely getting by is not living―it’s survival!  Passionate living comes only from the passionate giver of life―Jesus Christ Himself.

Our positive response to His grace, coupled with our faith, appropriates what God has already ordained for us.  By accepting Him, we accept all He has already accomplished for us. Past tense!

*** “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11).


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