Growing Spiritually Mature in an Immature World.

Published Oct. 2012.  Sold at Amazon.com, Kindle, and at numerous other book stores around the world.



Have you grow stagnate in your faith?  Do you wonder if there’s more to life and this thing called “religion”?

If you’re seeking more of God and would like  to move closer to Him, then this book will show you how.

God has a plan for your life.  He has a plan to bless you and prosper you.  You can have joy for sorrow and exchange fear with confidence.  Spiritual ignorance is deadly!  Avoid the traps Satan has put in your way to trip you up and rob from you.

The abundant life is yours for the taking….Jesus died, afterall, to give it to you.  But it requires that you are curious enough to seek it and claim it for yourself.

God’s methods for finding fulfillment are written down in His Word to us, the Bible.  We access His riches by growing in our faith.  Receive assurance of your salvation.  Learn how not to be deceived by false religion, a false salvation experience, and by false teachers.  You must know and avoid the enemy’s tactics if you want to see the finish line to victory.

Your eternal destination depends on knowing truth!

Take control of the quality of your life.  Educate yourself on how much God loves you and wants you with Him forever. Don’t let Satan steal this from you.


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