Lust, like anger, takes many men and women down the wrong path because they fail to understand how Satan operates. Look to the area of life in which you’re most tempted; almost without exception, you’ll find that it’s the very area in which you’re already the weakest.

We can overcome our weaknesses by handing them over to God and asking Him to help us overcome them. The Christian’s life is about growing into spiritual maturity. Ask God to help you restrain and discipline your natural nature, to reflect more accurately Christ’s nature. This is asking in agreement with what the Lord wants for you. It’s the mark of a true Christian.

People who accomplish a great deal have learned to focus and discipline themselves. A telltale sign of someone who remains immature or ineffective is that they’re unfocused, unrestrained, and unable to check their natural impulses.

When we strongly desire to mature, we become aware of behaviors that are keeping us from making forward progress. We’ll manage to modify our behavior only after, with the Spirit’s help, we see and acknowledge that Satan is trying to keep us from our preordained destiny.

At some time everyone gives in to seduction and wrong thinking. When this happens, we’re failing to cast down our wrong thoughts and imaginations by harnessing the power of God’s Word, as Jesus did.

  • “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

When we cast down and trample on vain imaginations and high thinking, we’re refusing to allow Satan an inroad into our mind and heart. Let’s not forget that Satan has a purpose for us too. But if we won’t permit him to enter, he can’t steal from us or derail our ultimate purpose.

It’s urgent that we both anticipate and identify Satan’s attacks and acknowledge our vulnerable points, the chinks in our armor. Ask God to strengthen you. Meditate on God’s Word slowly, chewing and digesting it into your very being. Continually remember His promises to care for you. Repeat scripture often to stay on track. Do a study on spiritual warfare to acquaint yourself with Satan’s practices. When you learn to identify demonic attacks for what they are, they’ll no longer take you by surprise.

We have a tendency to believe that oppression and addiction are “issues” of life with which we must inevitably struggle. But they aren’t “issues” at all. They’re the works of Satan. We must call them what they are if we’re to recognize them as Satan’s work to destroy us.

Christians are the prime target for Satan’s attacks. He wants nothing more than for us to abandon our promised destiny. Satan first strikes our emotions, then our thinking and will. When he manages to confuse us, he gains control over our thoughts, followed by our emotions and eventually our behavior. We must stop his advancements.


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