The spiritual truths found in the book of Ruth relate more to practical life than to abstract theology. Loyalty, love, kindness, the value of people  and their need to understand one another stand out.

In the midst of the chaos in the land, meaning and fulfillment could be found only by returning to the first principles of simple truth. The book of Ruth tells us that no matter how bad things may be, goodness can exist if we’re only willing to make the effort.2

When Ruth made the decision to stay with Naomi, she was in effect choosing Naomi’s God. Her decision was uncommon―which made her reward uncommon too.

Ruth exhibited her true character and the much coveted attribute of loyalty. Her character of commitment, faithfulness, responsibility, and selflessness revealed a young woman of surprising maturity and reliability. In fact, she stands in biblical history as one of the prime examples of a woman of substance.

Ruth showed uncommon wisdom by choosing Naomi over her own relatives. Her commitment to her mother-in-law allowed her to gain much more than she lost. That decision to remain loyal to the one who had been so kind to her opened many doors for both women. Upon their return to Judah, Ruth managed to find work, humble as it was, during a difficult time. She found new friends and eventually a new husband. Incredibly, God included her―a Moabite woman, adopted into the family of Israel―in the line of Christ. The child she bore from her marriage to Boaz became the great-grandfather of David and thus a part of the lineage of the Messiah.

Taken from my soon to be released book: “A WOMAN OF GRACE AND STRENGTH.”


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