Until we’ve matured in our faith and learned to be steadfast and unwavering, we’ll be tempted to doubt God’s ability to come through for us.

We must guard against the temptation to grow impatient with God. God will not disappoint the believing expectations of those who wait to hear what He has to say to them. Though the promised favor may take some time to appear, be assured that it will come! God will richly compensate us for our patient waiting upon Him.


New Christians don’t know how to navigate the Christian life yet. They don’t understand what they possess or what’s expected of them. They may not fully appreciate that they have been purchased by the blood of Christ and belong to Him.

We can avoid many pitfalls if we learn early that it’s wise to consult God in everything we do. We often continue to pursue our own personal goals, because we haven’t learned that God has better goals for us. God’s plans for us are always bigger and greater than ours, no matter how grandiose our own may seem.

What we don’t often recognize at this early stage is that God takes His time in perfecting us before we attain His goals, wanting us to be well equipped to hold on to what He gives us.

Many immature Christians turn back toward their own goals when they realize that God frequently works much more slowly than we would like Him to. We want what we want, and we want it now! But Isaiah reminds us that those who wait upon the Lord will mount up as eagles (Isaiah 40:31). God has a special reward for those who are willing to wait upon Him.

Stepping out ahead of God means doing whatever we do “in the flesh” (Romans 8:1–17). And what we begin in the flesh can only be finished in the flesh. It’s wiser and easier in the long run to refuse to take that bait from Satan, opting instead to accomplish any task in the Spirit’s strength and according to His timing. We’re guaranteed success when we allow Him to go before us.

Taken from my book: A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE.


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