Our assignment from God, and indeed, our reason for being, is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.  When this becomes our main goal, we soon notice that our mind becomes a magnet for attracting any information or opportunity that can help us achieve our spiritual goals.

Spending time immersed in the Word, with a goal of knowing your Creator better, is stimulating. Each time you let God know that He’s your number one priority, He discloses a little more of Himself to you.

Retrain your mind to seek Him, not those accomplishments that will make you feel more significant. In God’s eyes you’re already of infinite value, so there’s no point in trying to be “more” worthy. If you demonstrate your intent, God will give you the passion and drive to pursue Him. This one overriding spiritual goal―that of knowing your Savior better and better―is God’s will for your life.

Taken from my book:  “A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE.” Sold at


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