God didn’t give you your dream because He thought you could make it happen. He gave it to you because He wants the glory for making it happen through you. He’s looking for the few faithful ones who will look to Him for their marching orders. He has His own purposes for giving you your particular dream.

Look to Him to fulfill your dream and be willing to wait for His perfect timing. Seek His face for clues as to the manner in which the dream will unfold, and be ever watchful for the people and opportunities He makes available to you.

Persistence is a significant key to getting what you want in life, and it’s a principle that’s taught throughout the book of Proverbs. Persistence means never giving up! Appropriating your new life requires moving in a wholly different direction. Determine to remain focused on the dream He has implanted in your heart, not the methods He’ll use to get you there or the dream “robbers” that Satan will send your way to steal it from you.

Always seek the Giver of the gift and not the gift itself. If you seek only gifts from God, your motivation is impure. God knows your heart; you can’t keep this from Him anyway, so don’t try to fool yourself. Ask God to reveal to you whether or not your heart is pure. If it isn’t, give Him permission to make clear to you what you may not see in yourself.


  1. Keep your dream alive.
  2. Visualize it daily.
  3. Pray about it continually.
  4. Seek wisdom for it.
  5. Be cautious about your associations.

Godly friends will believe in the dream God has given you. They have dreams of their own from God and won’t be inclined to disbelieve. Position yourself in the company of those who will remain in faith and agreement with you. Both you and your friends can rejoice when your dream comes to pass.

Be especially careful to whom you repeat your dream as unbelievers may scoff. Joseph told his brothers too much about his dream from God and they quickly became jealous and trampled it to the ground.

Stay attuned to what God is doing in your life. Remain in the faith, especially when you’re tempted to believe your goal won’t come to fruition, or that God is taking too long. God’s timing is always perfect. God is working on conforming you and this takes time. Let Him do as He wills. Your life will eventually show the positive results of persistently waiting on Him by not giving up.

Don’t let your creativity become your enemy by focusing on too many desires at once. Go after one dream at a time. Harness it. You may be talented in many areas, but a God-given dream is different from a talent. God’s dream deserves your undivided attention, and it must become your unrivaled goal if you’re to achieve it.

Taken from my new book: A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE. Sold at



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