As was the case with many Bible characters, a God encounter is mandatory to the establishment of a new and better life. Merely wishing for a new future won’t make it happen. Anything worth having requires something of you.

Ruth understood that her future success depended on her ability to let go of her past. She had to deliberately turn and depart from it―going with Naomi in disregard of her mother-in-law’s selfless plea that she return to her own people. Ruth desired a new future, a good future. She most likely sensed that Naomi, for all the older woman’s emptiness, had something that she didn’t have. Even in mourning Naomi was able to reveal to Ruth that God had done something in her life―and Ruth wanted what Naomi had. When Ruth confronted Naomi with “your God shall be my God,” she revealed her willingness to turn her back on her past in order to secure a better future. She understood that this would be found through her continuing relationship with Naomi.

Taken from my book: A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE. Sold at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Lilliet-Garrison/e/B004H4H28MCU


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