A_Woman_of_Substance_Cover_for_KindleGod was extraordinarily patient with Israel. He took 40 years to train His chosen leader, Moses. If He invested this much time into His chosen people and their leader, we know He’ll take the time necessary to make us into the person He intends us to be. None of us will have the distinction of being His first exception.

Every leader God has ever used has failed Him in some way. Jesus is the only one who didn’t fail God. Anyone can be exceptional by developing an attitude of perseverance. On the other hand, anyone can be common; all it takes is giving up.

Sometimes the very thing we want most takes the longest to achieve. Perfection takes time. Mastering something takes time. Impatience with God will only prolong our wait. Many times our impatience causes us to quit prematurely because we don’t see the amount of work God must first do in us. We usually believe we’re ready earlier than God does, since He sees what we don’t yet see in ourselves. Let God take that impatient spirit out of you. It will protect you down the line. God doesn’t want you to delay your good outcome by your unwillingness to grow in patience.

Many positive changes are already taking place in you whether or not you recognize them. Allow yourself to rest. Be assured that God does notice your progress.


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