1.  By overcoming depression.

2.  By healing the hurts from our past.
3.  By assisting us in dealing with loss and grief.
4.   By instilling within us true freedom and inner joy.
5.   By improving our self-esteem and self-confidence.
6.   By removing roadblocks and empowering us to move forward in our lives. 
7.   By connecting us to our Heavenly Father so we can enjoy intimacy with Him.
8.   By reducing stress and allowing us to enter into God’s rest.
9.   By clearing away limiting and erroneous beliefs and replacing them with new and empowering beliefs the Spirit reveals to us.
10.  By resolving emotional guilt and shame and exposing the demons that bring them: issues such as anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, promiscuity, fear, and depression.
11.  By bringing us emotional and physical healing.

12. By allowing us to exchange unhealthy habits and behaviors for lives full of life and freedom.

13.  By enabling us to conquer anxiety, fears, and phobias—for good.
14.  By awakening our deepest passions and revealing the purpose for which we were created.
15.  By bringing to fruition our Spirit-inspired dreams.

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