Depression is actually anger turned inward. This connection is not usually well understood.

When we refuse to abide in Christ, we’re tempted to go our own way. The farther away we move from God, the more Satan fills our mind with his thoughts. Taken to an extreme his thoughts are focused on impending doom, death, suicide, perversion, eating disorders, cutting, etc. With his negative thoughts and emotions, darkness soon settles over us. Our heart grows cold. We become morose, moody, withdrawn, and inclined in one way or another to harm ourselves or others.

Many fail to understand that some forms of depression have demonic roots. Since many physicians aren’t Christian, they don’t move beyond human education and solutions. Psychology is man’s wisdom, based on human reasoning and learning. Its man’s best attempt to understand the human condition, but it isn’t God’s methodology. We weren’t created to be in a continuous state of anger, worry, or discontent. When we turn from our empty human philosophies to receive Christ, the answer to our flawed condition, we receive joy, rest, and a sound mind.

Taken from my soon to be released book: A WOMAN OF GRACE AND STRENGTH. Sold at


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