NEW BOOK RELEASE: $ .99 on Kindle: “A WOMAN OF GRACE AND STRENGTH…Growing in the wisdom and knowledge of our Lord.”

A_Woman_of_Grace_&_S_Cover_for_KindleDo you wish you could start your life over and do it right the second time around? Do you wish you had more knowledge and wisdom to make good choices…choices that lead to a good outcome?

The good news is you can start over with God’s help. God rewards “true seekers” and gives purpose, satisfaction, and fulfillment to those who seek out His truth. With truth operating, you can see the changes that bring success, joy, gratitude, peace, and even prosperity. Truth will produce Godly character and keep you from throwing your life away. Learn how deception may have kept you from the good things God has in store for you. A good life is just one decision away.

This book will help you discover:
* How to draw strength through surrender
* How to become emotionally mature
* How to develop Godly character & know your true worth
* How to develop a gentle & peaceful countenance
* How prayer & faith are the remedy for fear
* How to worship God in Spirit & in truth

If you find that the book helped you and you believe it will help others too, please consider leaving a positive review on Amazon. I’d be grateful. Thanks Lilliet


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