For the next several weeks I want to share with you the leadership secrets of Jesus.


Jesus was victorious. If we will look closely at what He taught, and study His methods of leading  others, we have a formula for success for our own lives.


I’m writing a new series of books titled “The Christian Woman’s Guide To:__________” and the first one in the series will be on “Abundant Success.”


I enjoy the subject of wisdom and success.  I believe my readers glean valuable help in reading what God’s Word has to say regarding these two  topics. When we’re willing to do it God’s way, we are blessed as a result.  I’m after results. I don’t like wasting my time on things already set up for failure. If you like winning, as I do, then you’ll enjoy reading about the leadership secrets of Jesus.




All of us experience problems. Those who succeed are usually problem solvers. When we have a difficulty that we can’t solve ourselves, then we must go to a person who can solve it. Doctors solve our health problems. Lawyers solve our legal problems. Counselors solve our personal problems and the list goes on.


Jesus is our ultimate problem solver, because no human can solve our problem of sin and our need for acceptance. Jesus not only forgives us our sins, but remembers them no more. No one else can solve our problem of guilt and shame. No one can heal us from our infirmities, our mental and emotional problems, and make us whole.


Jesus has something we need. He is deity, and we are in need of a God who shows us the right way to live so we stay out of bondage. Our earthly life is short. Without the wisdom that He provides, we would not only be lost on this earth, but we would be lost forever in eternity too.


Jesus is our counselor, our Savior, our comforter, our ever present friend, the lover of our soul. The Holy Spirit guides and leads us and talks to us so we know what to do when we’re perplexed.


God planned for you and wants a relationship with you. He created you to enjoy you and He loves you unconditionally. No one else can do that for you; therefore, Jesus solves all your problems.


Jesus solves our emptiness. He solves our need for love and acceptance. He solves our problem of lack of knowledge and wisdom. He solves our problem of needing to belong. He solves our problem of needing to know who our real Father is.


Jesus is the only ultimate problem solver of all your problems. Go to Him in humility and ask Him to come into your life and help you solve your issues and make you whole. Do it today and reap a beautiful life with Jesus.


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