Doubt…we’ve all experienced it at some time in our lives and it can be crippling.

Jesus is our example of how to live without doubt. He was confident about the mission His Father had given Him to do. Because He relied upon, and listened only to His Father, He didn’t spend time doubting whether His mission had value or not. His purpose was to be the bridge back to the Father. He is the person who sets men free. He came in flesh to show us by example how to live, how to think, and how to respond to our Heavenly Father.

Our purpose is our mission statement. Our mission to stay close to the Father and to listen to no one but Him, as Jesus did. This keeps us confident.

Jesus knew He could change people by His message. He knew that His Father was the message; the good news, and that together they could draw the heart of men back to themselves.

Jesus so believed in His purpose and message that men were drawn to Him. People knew, when they listened to Him, that He was different. Jesus was selling life, and life eternal at that. He believed in His product.

When we believe in our product, as Jesus did, we influence others. When our product is to win others to Christ, we become passionate about our purpose.

Purpose keeps us from doubting. Knowing that Jesus has the right product for every person keeps us confident. Our enduring confidence in Christ, influences others and keeps us from doubt. That’s a powerful prescription for a life well lived!


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