BOOK REVIEW OF “A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE…Growing Spiritually Mature in an Immature World”- by Lilliet Garrison


Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

A Woman of Substance: Growing Spiritually Mature in an Immature World by Lilliet Garrison is a motivating book which reiterates our faith in God. The world we are living in is rampant with strife and confusion. The book gives readers tips on how to grow towards spirituality and discover what God has willed for each one of us, to set goals in life and become confident and purposeful. The book tells readers to surrender to God and seek a meaningful existence away from the emotional drama. The book serves as a guide to those who are looking for empowerment in their lives.

The current trend in society is to fall into self-defeating behavior, negative thinking patterns, and low self-esteem that leads to psychological problems. The book speaks about channeling our energies and thoughts in God’s direction to end up being more confident. And by confidence, it means the correct type of confidence. It also gives us meaningful quotes from the scriptures. The book stresses the importance of God throughout and it is an inspiring read during good times and bad times. It is a book that will help us reflect about ourselves and our relationship with God.

The book is written with a lot of clarity. The author tells us how the lives of transformed people are blessed with light and how they have the power of the Holy Spirit. The book stresses the topics covered in the Bible. The simple prayer in the end is a gift to readers.

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