Free Christian e-book (non-fiction): “GETTING UNSTUCK…Moving Beyond What’s Holding You Back”

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If you’re not living the life you’ve always dreamed of, perhaps it’s because you’ve picked up negative thinking and behaviors that are keeping you from enjoying your life. Many of us know when we’re not happy or fulfilled, but we may not know the reasons. God’s Word is completely practical and gives us insight into how we were designed to live. When we approach it looking for answers, God reveals to us what’s missing. Discover what’s holding you back and develop the positive traits that will bring you what you were designed to receive. Since God is our Creator, He knows what we need to live happy and contented lives. Discover for yourself the secrets to living a blessed life — the life you’ve yearned a lifetime for, but may not have known how to develop.

DON’T OWN A KINDLE–No problem, just download the free Kindle app to your computer or smart phone.
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