LILLIET GARRISON is a best-selling Christian author of 82 non-fiction books

They can be found at AMAZON.COM:

 Link: http://www.amazon.com/Lilliet-Garrison/e/B004H28MCU

Lilliet writes about what she has lived and learned herself from growing up as an Army brat, to being an Army (Colonel) Chaplain’s wife for 30 years, and a believer for over 43 years. She spent many years in leadership, teaching, and speaking. Now she’s focused on writing what God has taught her. Lilliet is a Christian personal-success life coach and has been trained in leadership, communication skills, facilitating, temperament assessment, spiritual gifts, and Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Lilliet’s passion is to share the gospel of Christ to all who will hear. God has a wonderful plan for our life, but we must believe He exists and turn our life over to Him, to see that wonderful plan unfold. As a solution-focused, practical-application author, she walks her readers through the Word of God, which holds all truth. We can eliminate indecision, worry, anxiety, and depression from our life, once for all, when we pursue “right things,” and God’s Word is the most important “right thing.” Living a blessed life is not impossible if you know where to go to find truth. Lilliet and her husband Rick, live in Chandler, AZ. They have two grown children.




I love teaching spiritual truth! I say if you’re going to spend the time in study and preparation, than you might as well teach something that will permanently change someone’s life for the better. I hope you receive wisdom, encouragement, and hope from reading my blog and BOOKS.

Remember God’s Word is truth–and it’s truth that will set you free.

Solomon said: “In all your getting, get wisdom, for it’s the principle thing.”

NEW BOOK 2015: “HOW TO GAIN A CLEAR CONSCIENCE”       $0.99 on amazon.
     Free Jan 21 – 23, 2015. 
NEW BOOK RELEASE: Published: Oct 2012. “A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE,” Growing Spiritually Mature in an Immature World.
Sold on Amazon.com and Kindle and at numerous other book stores and web sites.

Have you grown stagnate in your faith? Do you wonder if there’s more to life and this thing called “religion”?

If you’re seeking more of God and would like to move closer to Him, then this book will show you how.

God has a plan for your life. He has a plan to bless you and prosper you. You can have joy for sorrow and exchange fear with confidence. Spiritual ignorance is deadly! Avoid the traps Satan has put in your way to trip you up and rob from you.

The abundant life is yours for the taking….Jesus died, after all, to give it to you. But it requires that you’re curious enough to seek it and claim it for yourself.

God methods for finding fulfillment are written down in His Word to us, the Bible. Access His riches by learning how to grow in your faith. Receive assurance of your salvation. Learn how not to be deceived by false religion, a false salvation experience, and by false teachers. You must know and avoid the enemy’s tactics if you want to see the finish line to victory.

Your eternal destination depends on knowing truth!

Take control of the quality of your life. Educate yourself on how much God loves you and wants you with Him forever. Don’t let Satan steal this from you.

Learn How To:
* Set goals and plan for success
* Adopt correct confidence
* Seek a true conversion experience
* Understand your natural sin nature
* Learn how to grow spiritually mature
* Discern real truth from deception
* Know the revealed will of God for your life
* Be watchful and mindful of the times in which you life

BOOK RELEASE:   Published: Dec 2010. “THE SECRET POWER OF GODLY WISDOM TO COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE”.   Sold at Amazon.com, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Nook, and at numerous other book stores around the world.
The book contains 31 chapters, all filled with the wisdom of Solomon as written in the Book of Proverbs.    

Most of us are seeking… but often we’re not seeking after the right things, or the “ONE right thing” that leads to life. This book will give you the secrets to living with abundant wisdom….which leads you to the ONE RIGHT PERSON–GOD!!

Only God holds the answers to your life because He is the author and giver of your life. Look to Him for what you need. He’ll be your protector, your lover, your provider, your counselor, your comforter…your everything – if you’ll let Him.

The keys to living well and mentally free are found in His words–the Bible.  It’s our guidebook.  He left it for us so we would know how to wisely use the years He gives us.  Life is short, so be sure to tap into it’s secrets–secrets to your prosperity.  Remember, you don’t need more information–you need more of the secrets God holds in His Word.  He opens up new revelation to those who earnestly seek Him…and not just what He can give them!  Eventually you’ll learn that He’s the only One you’ll ever need! Ever!  He never intended for you to get ALL your needs met in anyone other than Him.  He’s just waiting for you to come to Him and ask.



6 thoughts on “ABOUT ME:

  1. Dear Lilliet,
    I think your insight is great!
    I need your wisdom to help me publish a book to give glory to God.

    Please email me.
    Author Robert DeCoudres, Christian

  2. Hi Lilliet,

    I don’t know if my last message ever got to you..
    Did you publish your own books?
    I want to put an Ebook out there. My manuscript is finished, completed..
    I need some service to take my manuscript and turn it into an Ebook,
    For Amazon Kindle I need someone to follow the procedures required;
    I’m not computer-literate enough to accomplish that.
    It seems to me you would know what is best for my first book.

    Thank you for your response. Email me, please.

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