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Lilliet is the author of 76 Christian, non-fiction books.

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It’s been a long time….

It seems like its been forever since I added anything to my Word Press site.  I made the decision to concentrate on writing my books and it’s paid off.  I now have 34 books written.  You can find them on

We are also selling our home in VA., and will soon move to Arizona.  I hope to write some posts in the near future.  In the mean time feel free to browse my newest books.

Thanks, Lilliet

FREE Book: “DON’T BE A WORRY WART – Accept God’s peace and change your life” Christian, non-fiction by Lilliet Garrison

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2decover-0x3_1772x2500  If you find godly wisdom for your life in my book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.  I’d appreciate it greatly. Thanking you in advance.  Lilliet

FREE, NON-FICTION CHRISTIAN BOOK: “A Woman of Substance: Is Spiritually Mature”

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If you find the book helpful, please consider leaving at review on Amazon. This not only helps me, but spreads the “good news” of the gospel.  Thanks for your help. Lilliet

2decover-0x3_1772x2500A Woman of Substance: Is Spiritually Mature

Free Christian e-book (non-fiction): “GETTING UNSTUCK…Moving Beyond What’s Holding You Back”


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Discover what negative traits you may have picked up that are keeping you from moving forward with your life and relationships. Then take a look at what God’s Word has to say about correcting them. This is the way to wisdom, and wisdom gets you what you want out of life.

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FREE E-BOOK: (“DON’T BE A WORRY WART, Accept God’s Peace and Change Your Life)” FOR AN AMAZON REVIEW

Image   I’m looking for those who are willing to read and give an honest review on Amazon, in exchange for  my FREE Christian, non-fiction e-book: “DON’T BE A WORRY WART — Accept God’s Peace and Change Your Life.”  I would send it to you in PDF format.  If you don’t want to review it , you can find it on Amazon/Kindle for just $0.99.  Thanks, Lilliet

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