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Some benefits of having the Holy Spirit within you.

1. The Holy Spirit will positively affect your communication with others (Acts 1:8).

2. He will give evidence of His presence in your life by changing your patterns of conversation. For example, if you’ve been shy or weak, He can make you strong and bold (Acts 4:8, 10, 12–13).

3. He will teach you what you need to know to function effectively as God’s representative in the world (John 14:26).

4. He will counsel you about the sin in your life (Isaiah 1:18).

5. He will communicate with you about your future. He’ll instill within you comfort and strength to face the days to come (John 16:13).

6. He will forewarn you about the ulterior motives of others around you (Acts 11:12).

7. He will help you differentiate things of importance from things of non-importance (Acts 15:28).

8. He will tell you about the place of provision and supply (1 Kings 17: 3–4).

9. He will tell you that if you want to hear from Him, you’ll need to move away from the distraction and interference of other voices. Solitude is necessary for intimacy, impartation, and transformation (1 Peter 5:8).

10. He will prepare your heart for coming into God’s presence (Isaiah 2:3).

11. His words to you will impart life and energy (John 6:63).

12 . He will talk to (intercede with) the Father on your behalf (Romans 8:26–27).

13. He will both reveal and confirm to you that you belong to God (Romans 8:16).


Definition: Just as wisdom in a more general sense is knowledge rightly applied, so the spiritual gift of wisdom is the supernatural ability, received at the time of a person’s conversion, to apply knowledge already possessed, regardless of how one has obtained that knowledge. It’s knowledge rightly applied by the Spirit. It’s God showing us the What? Why? Where? When? and How? of a problem. It’s the supernatural solution to trouble.

Application: Godly wisdom is a quality needed by every person who works with other people. We’re all different, with different needs, personality traits, and backgrounds. These differences can present difficulties in terms of working with and understanding one another. Godly wisdom allows us to see beyond our differences and beneath the surface. The Holy Spirit provides this insight to better understand people’s hidden needs and equips us to meet those needs. A believing mother needs this wisdom as no two children are alike. It’s needed by every husband and wife, as built-in differences often keep us from seeing the needs of our spouse. It’s something every pastor, teacher, and church leader needs, since not every church member responds in the same way.

Methods: Godly wisdom may come to us in a wide variety of ways: through God’s Word, a vision, a dream, a revelation, our conscience, a sense we might refer to as intuition, the guidance of a wise person, a written or spoken source, a whispered voice in our heart, or an audible voice, to name only some. God speaks in many ways, and the Holy Spirit operates with diversity in His methods (1 Corinthians 12:6)

Purpose: Godly wisdom builds the church and invites revival.



  As was the case with many Bible characters, a God encounter is mandatory to the establishment of a new and better life. Merely wishing for a new future won’t make it happen. Anything worth having requires something of you.

Ruth understood that her future success depended on her ability to let go of her past. She had to deliberately turn and depart from it―going with Naomi in disregard of her mother-in-law’s selfless plea that she return to her own people. Ruth desired a new future, a good future. She most likely sensed that Naomi, for all the older woman’s emptiness, had something that she didn’t have. Even in mourning Naomi was able to reveal to Ruth that God had done something in her life―and Ruth wanted what Naomi had. When Ruth confronted Naomi with “your God shall be my God,” she revealed her willingness to turn her back on her past in order to secure a better future. She understood that this would be found through her continuing relationship with Naomi.

Taken from my book: A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE. Sold at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Lilliet-Garrison/e/B004H4H28MCU


Until we’ve matured in our faith and learned to be steadfast and unwavering, we’ll be tempted to doubt God’s ability to come through for us.

We must guard against the temptation to grow impatient with God. God will not disappoint the believing expectations of those who wait to hear what He has to say to them. Though the promised favor may take some time to appear, be assured that it will come! God will richly compensate us for our patient waiting upon Him.


New Christians don’t know how to navigate the Christian life yet. They don’t understand what they possess or what’s expected of them. They may not fully appreciate that they have been purchased by the blood of Christ and belong to Him.

We can avoid many pitfalls if we learn early that it’s wise to consult God in everything we do. We often continue to pursue our own personal goals, because we haven’t learned that God has better goals for us. God’s plans for us are always bigger and greater than ours, no matter how grandiose our own may seem.

What we don’t often recognize at this early stage is that God takes His time in perfecting us before we attain His goals, wanting us to be well equipped to hold on to what He gives us.

Many immature Christians turn back toward their own goals when they realize that God frequently works much more slowly than we would like Him to. We want what we want, and we want it now! But Isaiah reminds us that those who wait upon the Lord will mount up as eagles (Isaiah 40:31). God has a special reward for those who are willing to wait upon Him.

Stepping out ahead of God means doing whatever we do “in the flesh” (Romans 8:1–17). And what we begin in the flesh can only be finished in the flesh. It’s wiser and easier in the long run to refuse to take that bait from Satan, opting instead to accomplish any task in the Spirit’s strength and according to His timing. We’re guaranteed success when we allow Him to go before us.

Taken from my book: A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE.


Somewhere in our relationship with the Lord is a beautiful place called divine deliverance. Jesus released us from certain death through His redemptive work on the cross. Salvation is the first step in this process; it happens when we choose to accept what He died to give us. Eventually, as we continue to push into Him, we sense our emancipation from our past and the things Satan used to hold us captive.

As our new being emerges, we become less harsh, demanding, and loud. As some of these negative traits fall away from us, what’s left is something beautiful to behold—a radiant, glowing soul unencumbered and free to appropriate and appreciate intimacy with God.

Taken from my new book:  A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE.


    Researchers have identified seven major stressors in life, of which moving is one. For some, if fact, this one is the most stressful, aside from losing a loved one. Change, whether it’s moving to a new location, a new job, or even a new relationship, is challenging. Scores of Christians say no to God because they’d rather stay put than experience the stretching He so frequently calls us to. This is one of the major reasons many Christians don’t finish strong in their life’s journey.

One distinctive I’ve noticed in many military people is the desire to move on. Many look forward to their next assignment, the next place of discovery, new people to experience, and foreign lands to investigate. Many get antsy if they’re in one place too long; they’ve grown accustomed to change and crave it.
One of the Church’s biggest handicaps today is its resistance to change. I have personally met many who have grown accustomed to settling in one place, one home, one church, and with the same circles of friends; consequently, they can’t imagine having to start over again. In fact, some don’t wish to invest the time needed to develop a friendship when they learn you won’t be staying long. The fear of losing someone they may get close to is too great for them; they resist reaching out to avoid eventual sorrow. They fail to realize that, just like moving to a new location, the freshness of a new friendship is stimulating.
Many of us get into a rut, but since we’re with other people in similar situations we don’t readily see it. It often takes force to pull ourselves away. It’s only after we perceive how we’ve changed following the new experiences or location that we can look back and realize how limited our former life really was. We’re wise to proactively look for new friends, opportunities to grow, and ways to expand our horizons. When we embrace new relationships, we’re exposing ourselves to others’ interesting life experiences, which freshen and invigorate us. When we don’t seek new opportunities to grow as a person, we limit our personal growth and compromise our ability to bless others.
If we want God’s blessings we must do what He asks—even if whatever that might be is outside our comfort zone. When the opportunity for change comes,  embrace it as Abraham did. God reckoned Abraham’s obedience as righteousness. Do you want to be righteous? Then be sure to obey Him.
If you feel you’re in need of invigoration, ask God for a new start and a renewed sense of curiosity. Like water, we become “foul” and stagnant without periodic infusions of freshness. Christ is the only water that refreshes us and satisfies.  Nothing else quenches our thirst as Jesus does.
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